Porello Nocciole s.n.c. follows every processing stage, from the shelling to the processing of the finished product, which is ready to be used on the pastry counter. It is an ingredient which "dominates" as the most common and most delicious Piedmont product, and so much more.

In fact, this precious ingredient has always been a valuable raw material for both artisan customers like bakeries and ice cream parlours or for confectioners and chocolatiers.


Shelling, sizing and sorting

hazelnut grading

The first processing stage consists of purchasing the hazelnuts directly from the local farmers. We then shell them which allows us to separate the fruit from its shell, the next stage involves sizing the fruit where it is divided according to its size and then sorted on a special carpet which eliminates residual foreign bodies such as shells and rejects.



The hazelnuts are roasted at a temperature of about 170C for approximately 30-35 minutes. This is a sufficient amount of time to remove any residual moisture and to enhance the fruit's characteristic aromas.

Processing the finely chopped hazelnuts and the flour

finely chopped hazelnuts

The finely chopped hazelnuts and the flour are produced by chopping hazelnuts into small pieces in order to obtain three types of products that differ according to the size that they have been chopped.

Producing paste

hazelnut paste

The roasted hazelnut can also be milled and refined to obtain a perfectly smooth puree that is full of flavour.

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